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March 25, 2009


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1a. It's a hit or miss with celebrity involvement and investment. Seems like what you're pointing towards is film-making morale (or lack thereof) and end-result quality of story, which is complicated to determine when you pull in someone such as a random funder or a star.

1b. Social networking websites seem to be a rather low-risk investment, but you might be right. I haven't thought about the quantity of sites remaining the same as much as I've thought about the ones that do exist MERGING their services and features. I believe that is a trend worth paying attention to.

2. Seems like this has already been happening for yrs.

3. Speaking from the television world, indeed audiences have to find ways to entertain themselves. I still have a job, after all.

4. I hope something good will come out of this for us little people.

5. Funny but true. This pattern is getting a bit played out, although I have to say I loved Darwin's Nightmare.

Erin Donovan

hi Randi,

Good point, that is certainly the dark side of this equation.

Erin Donovan

hey Bart,

It's all a matter of taste but if you look at films like Faubourg Treme, 51 Birch Street, Girl 27, the Order of Myths and Calavera Highway I'm inclined to disagree.

Thanks for reading!


I long for the days of film and expensive cameras. The last item is what's ruined documentaries--following someone around with a camera is too easy, and most of the results are crap.

Randi Cecchine

Interesting list. I have to wonder how ever-more-limited access to credit is going to affect documentary filmmakers. "Everyone" being able to have a camera and computer has really meant many people racking up huge credit card bills- both those who have 'succeeded' and been able to pay off the bills, and those who haven't. Many people who the banks loved for years are now being cut off.

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