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December 04, 2007


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OMG, no offense to the Mister but I am sort of loving Dan being out of town because I get so much more Sarah time!

Sorry lady, I think relative to the menfolk in Knocked Up the women are really unsympathetic even though in real life everything they are saying and thinking is pure logic.

I haven't seen I'm Not There and I'm kind of worried that since I know zip about Bob Dylan I will just be a cloud of WTF. But I love Todd Haynes and srsly, David Cross as Allen Ginsburg = genius.


1) Yay, you're listening to Leonard! He is the bestest.

2) I just saw "Knocked Up" (finally) and was perplexed by all the hoo-ha because I saw the women in the film being not particularly uptight or shrill. I sort of don't get why an adult looking askance at an unemployed softcore and pot enthusiast makes someone uptight. That could be, though, because most people find me both uptight and shrill? WTFever, my point is, I hate everyone/everything but was not offended at all.

3) You haven't seen "I'm Not There" yet, have you? You really should, like I've already told you elsewhere. I didn't know "There Will Be Blood" was even out yet. Wait, is it?


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