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May 07, 2007


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Hey thanks, lady. Backatcha.

Despite the heavily XY masthead Filmmaker mag has consistently given great coverage to female directors. They're not a feminist resource by any measure (and that's fine, that's not what they're about) but they have always seemed to be above the dude herd mentality that pervades a lot of competitive fields (of which I think we can all agree, indie film certainly is).

Covering Eli Roth in this manner has really made them drop in my estimation.

Agnes Varnum

Erin - Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could discover your treasure here at Steady Diet. Very good point about the Filmmaker TOC but unsuriprising since all of the Filmmaker mag staff are white men. I hate to diss guys across the board but it can be hard for anyone to step out of their own experience all the time. A female on staff over there could really add to that magazine editorially. And a non-white would be even better!

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